måndag 9 juli 2012

a bunt of pictures.

first night, 4th of July.
spending the evening on a sunny balcony with grilled hamburgers.

friends are heading to the beach.
independance day means a lot of fireworks.

at the beach.
haha, you can tell this is before all days at the beach?
pale paulina, that's me.


the sun goes down.
and short there after, the fireworks started to light up the sky.

love these kind of beach houses.
white with a lot of colors.
so american.


me on a VERY hot day.
I can tell the sunscreen lotion was of little use.
it just ran off a minute after you entered the sun.

at the lovely beach.
first day.

moving bikini :)


yoghurt ice cream.
16 different flavours and hundreds of different toppings.


of course we spent the nights out.
me and three beautful girls.

wish bone.

at a beach club.

all of us in front of the beach.
good memories

art competition on the street.

hehe, ice cream again.
(so hot you don't want to eat something else)

we were invited to a BBQ party.
lots of food and the hottest night ever.

continued to another beach club.
it's so beautiful around here.

last day in paradise.
started the day early in the morning to go watch dolphins.

our captain

friends in the back of the boat.

friend in the front of the boat.
beautiful morning.

full focus on finding dolphins.
and to stay on the boat which was the fastest one ever :)

and here we found them!
so wonderful animals.
and there was A LOT of them.
I acted as I was five years old.
we even saw a baby :)

tried to swim with them.
but they didn't really shared that idea, haha.

end of boat trip and end of the vacation in Virginia beach.
en mix av helgen som varit.
underbara dagar med fina kompisar.
sol, bad, glass, delfiner.

Nu ar jag tillbaka pa jobb igen.
Fulladdad av ny energi.
Den har veckan kommer bli bra.
Har en del moten som kommer gora att dagarna springer ivag.
Och pa fredag kommer han.
Min Lovis.

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