måndag 11 juni 2012

in my corner.

Sitting in my little office space and doing nothing.
I guess tomorrow it will start for real.

Internet hasn't started to work until now.
What is the problem with me and internet?
It never seems to work.
Not here, not in the apartment, not at my cell phone.
(and yeah, now it is working but it's still very limited. No facebook, no pinterest, no mails except my volvo mail)

Spent my morning at a very interesting seminar about their customers.
Funny how different everything is seen from another point of view.
(for your notice: I'm writing in english since I have an american keyboard and I hate to write without the letters that doesn't excist here)
And I met a swedish guy at my age at the seminar.
Talked swedish for a little while and oh my, that was nice :)
The other interns have already been here for a couple of weeks so they already know each other a bit.
I'm planning to hang out with them on thursday.

One hour left and then I will go home.
Wondering if I should take a trip to the mall before?
Shopping seems to be my one and only friend right now, haha.


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  1. Shopping is always a good friend :-) Have a nice time! xoxo samantha